Energy Advisory

NorthEast Energy Advisors is an energy advisory group that works with commercial, industrial and property management companies to reduce energy costs. As commercial energy advisors, we analyze electricity and natural gas trends by being active in the market every day for our clients. This allows us to be an independent and unbiased resource. By sorting through the industry changes and available energy supply options, we provide the best available cost solutions that meet the individual needs of our clients.

As an independent, objective energy consulting company, we represent the client, not energy suppliers. NorthEast Energy Advisors is an outsourced energy procurement resource. Energy brokers typically represent energy suppliers. We are energy advisors that represent our clients to get the best supply price and contract terms. NorthEast Energy Advisors is an electricity and natural gas management and advisory firm. We provide business owners, managers, and executives with practical energy supply advice, analysis services, and management tools to save time and money. We help you to focus on what you know best-your business.

Energy Advisor Services

We provide energy advisory services specifically for property managers and industrial clientele, by partnering with our clients to help determine the best electricity and natural gas providers.
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Commercial Energy

We provide objective and unbiased electricity and natural gas supply procurement solutions, practical energy supply advice, cost-analysis, and management tools to help our clients save time and money.
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Benefits We Offer

NorthEast Energy Advisors is an electricity and natural gas management and advisory firm. We provide practical energy supply advice
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At NorthEast Energy Advisors, we evaluate market indicies, regulatory matters, economic data, and reliable market intelligence to make smart decisions about the energy you buy, when you buy it, and when you get it. With our proven cost-saving energy advisory solutions and advice, Our commercial and industrial clients benefit by knowing that NorthEast Energy Advisors is navigating the complexities of the dynamic market on your behalf. NorthEast Energy is a regional load aggregator and maintains 100% alignment with your budget and cost objectives.