business electricty prices

Business Electricity Prices for Property Management

Business Electricity Prices for Property Management

Obtaining the best business electricity prices for property management companies is what NorthEast Energy Advisors specializes in their commercial electricity advisory services. With electricity playing an increasingly large role in business today, it is more important now than ever to have your electric bills carefully analyzed by business electricity experts, like NorthEast Energy Advisors.

NorthEast Energy Advisors is more than a commercial energy brokerage. We work with you to determine your best solutions. Energy brokers typically represent energy suppliers; however we are energy advisors. We represent our clients to get the best business electricity prices and contract terms.

At NorthEast Energy Advisors, our team has extensive electric utility experience. We know that ‘when you buy’ affects the bottom line price. With access to the most current market trading floor information, we have our finger on the pulse of today’s changing markets, and make timely decisions, saving you time and money to meet your next year’s business electricity price needs. NorthEast Energy Advisor analysts
are extremely successful in identifying problems in billing and metering, and in identifying problem areas that would otherwise go unnoticed.


Our knowledge and experience in evaluating, qualifying, and selecting the correct mix of regional and national energy suppliers ensures that the competitive energy markets work for you. At NorthEast Energy Advisors, we provide multiple energy and natural gas services. On an ongoing basis, NorthEast Energy Advisors:

  • Tracks current energy costs verses future trending in the electricity and natural gas markets
  • Clarifies electricity bill changes and how those changes might affect our clients’ businesses
  • Discovers charges that may be hidden by third-party supplier fees
  • Evaluates competitive suppliers and various “buying” programs – to obtain the BEST price
  • Continuously monitors energy indices and regulatory changes for favorable Renewal opportunities on behalf of our clients.